Best Baby Lock Sewing Machines in 2023 – (Buyer’s Guide and Reviews)

When purchasing a sewing machine, folks place a high value on the manufacturer. Most of the sewing market is dominated by SINGER, JUKI, Janome, Brother and other well-known manufacturers.

Some are not as well-known as others, but they offer the same level of craftsmanship and efficiency. Today, we’re looking to discuss baby Lock sewing machine, one of those lesser-known products. (I also have best kids sewing machine review in-depth)

Best Baby Lock Sewing Machines
Best Baby Lock Sewing Machines

What is Distinctive About Baby Locks?

It constantly releases outstanding and dependable Serger and embroidery machines. Their unwavering support makes sewing duties much easy than we anticipated.

Most significantly, they last a long period without deteriorating in performance. The only drawback we can think of is the exorbitant price. This may be the only explanation users avoid these machines.

If you can afford it, choose the best baby lock sewing machine as per your requirements. To assist you, we’ve included our top seven recommendations:

7 Best Baby Lock Sewing Machines Recommended:

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Best Serger: Baby Lock Celebrate Serger Machine

This Serger machine eliminates thread tangles while providing proper tension with all threads on any material, thanks to the micromatic twin cam tension Technology. You can easily see every thread, materials and string color with two brilliant LED lights.

Baby Lock Celebrate Serger Machine

It passes the thread through the circular loopers with merely a button push. There are no threading instructions, no faffing around, just you and your serging tasks. Moreover, it comes with an easy threading system where you can thread the needle quickly and easily with the press of a button.

Moreover, you can quickly raise the fully adjustable presser feet height to accommodate thick and loftier cloth with its foot height of up to 6mm. There are no visible threads or threading instructions, and you are free to weave in any sequence!

Besides, tubular loopers prevent threading errors and maintain the thread, giving you more serging options. Its single-unit feed dog system offers uniform collection and better feed on all textiles. Baby Lock developed a knife mechanism with a bigger cutting bite for trimming more rigid fabrics with comfort and transparency.

Although other machines employ tilted needles that compress and ruin material, the needles on the Celebrate are placed straight and stitched up and down precisely, safeguarding your cloth and eliminating needle distortion.

The Automatic Rolled Hem option on this stitch length adjustment dial retracts the built-in stitch breadth thumb for a curled hemline appearance. The Fabric Support System maintains the fabric despite the speed and fabric type. And best of all, its in-house fingers move with the blade to cut and stitch simultaneously.


  • Stitch and trim simultaneously
  • Jet-Air Threading system for quick threading
  • The fast pace of 1500 SPM
  • Comes complete with all accessories
  • Handle any fabric seamlessly


  • Comes with a higher price tag

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Best Price: Baby Lock Zest Sewing Machine

If you’re eyeing for a new source of fun via sewing, Zest is a beautiful starting point! The Baby Lock Zest is ideal whether you want to stitch up modest craft projects or require a basic portable machine.

Baby Lock Zest Sewing Machine

We know that everyone prefers to create different ornamental designs on the fabric. You can apply any 15 built-in stitches on the Baby Lock Zest tool. It’s entirely up to you whether you finish a task with a single stitch or several stitches.

Furthermore, it also allows you to change the stitch length from 0mm to 4mm. So whether you want to speed up your project or want sturdy stitches, you have the option for both. Another best feature is that it features a free arm, just like other professional machines. Remove the flatbed, and you’re ready to employ the free arm. 

Stitching trousers, sleeves, and other difficult-to-reach lengths will be a thing of the past. The front-loading bobbin is yet another feature that makes this machine top-notch. It can store a large amount of thread for large-scale tasks. As a result, there’s a lower likelihood of running out of line in the middle of a project.

Moreover, this bobbin load system is also jam-proof.  In addition, four Snap-on feet will come with the sewing machine, including a gliding buttonhole, zigzag, blind hemming, and zipper foot. There will also be a darning plate, needles, and some equipment included with the package.

Another best thing about the sewing machine is the compact design with a smaller footprint. You can easily take it anywhere you want with such a portable design. It’s a small piece of equipment. You can move with it and carry it to sewing lessons or clubs by holding the handle.


  • Free arm
  • Electronic foot control for better control
  • Reasonable price
  • Automatic thread cutter
  • It can possess a lot of thread


  • It might be heavy at 13 pounds

Best Quilting: Baby Lock Jazz II Sewing and Quilting Machine

If you are considering the best quilting sewing machine, look no further than the Baby lock jazz II sewing machine. The first thing you will notice in this machine is its sturdiness which comes from its all-metal construction.

Best Quilting Baby Lock Jazz Sewing and Quilting Machine

Secondly, it lets you instantly finish every quilting task with its massive 12-inch sewing space. Moreover, it also has an expanded sewing throat space that provides enough space for effortlessly sewing multiple layers of fabric.

We all know that unnecessary interruption disturbs your sewing procedure. And for that, the baby lock incorporated a needle up and down button into this machine. Moreover, you can also thread the sewing machine instantly, thanks to its automatic needle threader. So it will not take much time to piece the jigsaw puzzles while working on this sewing machine.

The machine has a total of 28 stitches. A one-step buttonhole is among those. There is much variation in building ornamental designs on materials. So if you have to do more than basic sewing tasks, this machine is the best.

If we look at working performance, it enables a stitch width increase of up to 7 mm. This width is enough to complete any intricate project. Moreover, you can complete the tasks in a short amount of time because the highest stitching pace is 1,000 stitches per minute.

It includes several ways of dealing with bobbins. You no longer deal with issues when changing bobbins in the middle of a project. The appliance will take care of the rest whenever you add a new bobbin and feed the line through a guide. It also includes an automated bobbin winder.


  • Free arm for working on narrow objects
  • Durably built
  • Automatic bobbin winder and needle threader
  • Fast pace working
  • Wide working space


  • It might not be durable

Best For Beginners: Baby Lock Joy Sewing Machine

The Baby Lock Joy sewing machine has a lot of the same functions and appearance as the Zest, but it’s a little more sophisticated and costs a little more. It has 19 built-in stitches, which would have been more than adequate for people who need a sewing machine update but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a genuinely elevated and modern machine.

Baby Lock Joy Sewing Machine

You can simply adjust the length and breadth of your stitch with the rotating dials. You can use the thread cutter instead of scissors when you wish to cut the thread. The sophisticated needle threader, such as the drop-in bobbin, performs admirably.

Joy’s additional capabilities are a set of extras, electric foot pedal, drop feed and a four-step buttonhole. The stitch length can also be changed from 0mm to 4mm. The stitch width ranges from 1mm to 5mm. These changes make basting and assembling a breeze.

Using its free arm you can stitch trousers, cuffs, and curving portions. They can be used once the flatbed has been removed from the machine. Buttons can be placed on the sleeves or wherever else.

Fast button fastening is ensured by its buttonhole foot and four-step buttonhole. A needle threader is an essential component of modern sewing machines. It put the line in the tip of the needle with some fast moves. You won’t have to wait long at all for your machine setups.

Besides the sewing machine, you will also get three bobbins for optimal convenience. Suppose you’re searching for something a little more complex than the Zest. In that case, we propose Joy, which is geared for intermediate-level sewing machine enthusiasts who want a reliable product.


  • Free arm convenience
  • Modern features make it perfect for beginners
  • Automatic needle threader and thread cutter
  • Easy to adjust stitch lengths
  • Not overpriced


  • Not suitable for traveling

Best Value: Baby Lock Zeal Sewing Machine

Another excellent sewing machine from the Baby lock is this zeal sewing machine from the genunine collection. This machine comes complete with unique features like 25 different stich options, automatic buttonholes, etc.

Baby Lock Zeal Sewing Machine

Sewers require a stitching library that includes a variety of styles. As a result, the baby lock engineers equipped this machine with 25 stitch options. You can use one or multiple stitches to make the item more appealing.

Furthermore, you can also alter the stitch width and length as needed at the same time. It’s particularly beneficial for procedures like gathering and basting. And that is not it only; you can also use the thread cutter on your sewing machine, snip the unwanted threads.

With its drop-in bobbin mechanism, you make sure for the jam-free operation of the machine. After inserting the bobbin and dragging the strings through the correct holes, there’s nothing else you need to do. As you can expect, you would reduce more time than traditional models.

Your time intake is also influenced by an improved needle threader. You do not need to thread it by hand anymore since the threader can do it. Turning and long clothing are always a problem for sewists. These activities will be more enjoyable with a free arm. As a result, the machine offers a reliable free-arm stitching service. After removing the flatbed, you can gain access to it.

Designers all make mistakes when it comes to buttoning the garments. With the machine’s buttonhole foot and one-step buttonhole, you may get rid of the difficulty. They’ll make the perfect hole for any type of button you’re using in seconds. 


  • Automatic needle threader and thread cutter
  • 25 stitches option
  • Free arm for working on narrow object
  • The top load bobbin system
  • Provides good value for the money


  • It might not be suitable for professional sewists

Premium Pick: Baby Lock Presto II Quilting and Sewing

Till now we were reviewing sewing machines with more of basic features but now we have baby lock presto II sewing machines. It’s a quilting and sewing machine that can handle the highest stitch counts. There are 69 utility designs and 31 ornamental patterns among the 100 stitch options.

Baby Lock Presto II Quilting and Sewing

It also has changeable stitch length (up to 5mm) and width (7mm). Typically, these amenities lead to exciting quilting, crafts, and home décor programs. So if you indulge yourself in some significant and intricate projects, it will work fine.

Moreover, it also has a 2.4 x 1.3-inch LCD panel to display all adjustment choices. It is uncomplicated and straightforward to change and select the ideal one. Let’s talk about how fast it is. 850 stitches are made in a minute to complete quilting and sewing quickly. You might think it’s not much; it works fine when running it at full speed.

The quilters will receive a unique extension table from the manufacturers. It provides extra support while also expanding the workstation. Therefore, even on the most oversized quilts, you can create beautiful stitch patterns. 

Because of the unique needle threader, threading will be a breeze. It will not even necessitate the use of both hands. The top loading bobbin and automated bobbin winder have will thoroughly satisfy you. And after you finish drawing threads over the guide, the previous decrease your work.

Furthermore, its bobbin winders retain threads in position and come to a complete stop when the bobbin is filled. In addition, four alphabets, a preset needle, drop feed and a lateral thread cutter is all noteworthy characteristics. It is an excellent pick of baby locks.


  • 69 stitch patterns and 31 decorative stitches
  • Fast pace sewing operation
  • Illuminated workspace
  • Wide sewing area
  • Reasonable price


  • Beginners find it challenging to use

Best Overall: Baby Lock Jubilant Sewing Machine

Our last pick is definitely a winner. The Jubilant sewing machine comes with a versatile stitching option, many convenience features, and a reasonable price. You will be amazed to learn that this model has 80 stitches. Thirty are beautiful, fifty are utilitarian, and eight are one-step buttonholes.

Best Overall Baby Lock Jubilant Sewing Machine

With a stitch library like this, you can add a new dimension to your various sewing tasks. Also, use your free arm when hemming trousers or tank tops. It helps you reach every width and nook with ease. You can convert the flatbed to a free arm quickly.

Sewers can also correspondingly adjust the stitch length and width to 7mm and 5mm. These measures will be shown on a 61mm by 23mm LCD panel. On the brilliantly illuminated surface, every feature will be easily accessible. With the measurement on the sewing plate, you can also ensure precise stitching.

Some consumers have difficulty threading needles. The machine features a built-in needle threader for them. A few movements will feed the line into the needle’s tip without any mistake or problem. This sewing machine is a jack of all trades that instantly lets you complete any project.

Bobbins are also simple to put up. Immediately drop one into the hole and draw the thread across. The remainder will be handled by the machine. And yes, this sewing machine also offers twin-needle functionality.

It uses a drop feed technology to allow you to use free-motion techniques. You will have complete control over the feed dog settings. There are several one-touch buttons for operation, shutdown, backward stitching, strengthening sewing, and sliding the needle up and down.


  • Eighty stitching options
  • Built-in needle threader and thread cutter
  • LCD screen for quick adjustments
  • The broad range of stitch width and length
  • Free-arm sewing operation


  • None

Features to Consider Before Buying Baby Lock Sewing Machines

Baby Lock products are incredibly long-lasting, dependable, and solid. As a result, no one needs to be concerned about them. When buying a product, the following are the most crucial considerations to consider:

Number of Stitches

Most seamstresses are at ease with only the most basic patterns. Some of them (even experts) scarcely experiment with the choices provided by their equipment. The extensive range of stitch modes allows you to test your imagination.

The more stitches your gadget supports, the more options you’ll have for embellishing your material. Customers should be aware that machines with many patterns often demand a higher price.

There are also alphabets and buttonholes to choose from. Don’t waste any money on them if you’re comfortable with the fundamental stitches. Make sure the sewing is in good shape. The stitch width and space ought to be consistent and even.


For various materials, designers frequently adjust the equipment settings. Since tough fabrics are not ruined while equipment is operated at maximum speed, you won’t be able to do the same with delicate clothing.

To prevent fabric damage, you must slow pace and give closer attention. Nothing beats being able to tailor numbers to your specific need. The options are displayed on a screen in professional models. In contrast, on a mechanical models you have the dials to do so.

You can use it to activate any pattern, size, length, or pace. You can generate multiple designs on a single project with these user-friendly options. Only a few models allow you to modify the feed dog. We can do freestyle stitching and darning with them.

Presser Feet

There are numerous types of presser feet available in markets. One foot may work well with one kind of cloth but not with another. You’ll need to adjust it for varied performing fabrics, designs, seams, and activities. For all forms of sewing, the all-purpose foot is well-known. The zipper foot is yet another popular option.

It helps to keep the stitches surrounding a zipper closed. For making ornamental and aesthetic stitch-works, the silk presser foot is necessary. Sew-easy, blind hem, over edge, and button stitch foot are becoming increasingly popular.

Look at the description to find out how few feet the machine offers. Basic regular and zigzag sewing can be done using the multi-purpose foot. A zipper foot and a buttonhole foot are also required for a novice. If your machine doesn’t have the feet you need, you should buy them separately.

Ergonomics Are Important

Every component of a sewing machine should work correctly. They must react to one another in the manner they are meant to. Variable levels of pressure, for instance, should affect the foot treadle. When processing thick fabrics and multiple layers, the machine must run normally.

In many circumstances, the user cannot alter configurations, have access to all elements, or comprehend control procedures. Irrespective of its impressive features, do not purchase such a sewing machine. Take a look at the LCD display.

It should have clear indicators and values, be well-written, and be easy to understand. Devices with bright lighting should be prioritized. Their brightness illuminates a large area, allowing us to see the stitching well. Quilters should look for a machine with ample throat space and an expansion table.

Size and Weight

Every purchaser makes provision in their dwelling to purchase a new sewing machine. Most people leave enough space around it to work comfortably, especially if they’re carrying a quilting machine. We find that sewing in a large area makes large jobs more manageable.

It guards against fabric abrasions, ripping, wrinkling, and other blemishes. Estimate the available space with a measuring tape. Look for machines that will be a good fit for the place. Now let’s talk about the weight. It establishes whether or not the device is mobile.

Buy a light machine with handles if you wish to take it to sewing lessons or other places. You don’t have to worry about the weight if you don’t want to move it around.

Bobbin Type and Capacity

The stitch quality is greatly influenced by the capacity of the bobbin. Large bobbins can accommodate a short reel of thread. The sewer won’t run out of lines in a short period. Top-tier brands always include huge bobbins for their customers.

However, it may differ from one brand to the next and from one model to the next. Don’t buy a bobbin system that isn’t well-designed; it will sabotage your efforts. Find devices having top-loading drop-in bobbins alternatively. They improve not just your sewing pace but also your productivity.

They Takeaway?

The remarkable fact about Baby Lock is that they’ve combined technology to the level where you can operate your crafts and needle and thread from an integrated LCD interface. At the same time, the monotonous and tiresome tasks are completed with almost no thought and effort.

We are well aware that Baby Lock sewing machines are not inexpensive. That does not, however, make it a company worth abandoning. We attempted to include some of their more inexpensive versions in our baby lock sewing machine reviews, but consider that Baby Lock is one of the top brands out there if you’re seeking quality and a lot of valuable functions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Baby Lock sewing machines are great for beginners and experts alike. Although they might not be as good as the most incredible Brother or Singer models, they are well worth the money. Furthermore, the functions available in Baby Lock sewing machines are only available in top-end sewing machines that cost significantly more. 

Baby Lock machines are excellent, and the seven models described above are one of the best in the business.

All of the Baby Lock machines are made in Japan. Even though Baby Lock is an American corporation, all of the production and design takes place on the Japanese mainland. As a result, Baby Lock can provide American inventiveness while keeping tight production standards.

Baby Lock sewing machines are among the most dependable devices available. So are several of the products produced in Brother’s own plant. Brother’s manufacturing quality requirements are pretty high; they can guarantee customers top-notch products only.

As a result, Baby Lock sewing machines are designed to the same high standards as Brother sewing machines at a tiny proportion of the cost. 

Still have questions?

If you cannot find an answer to your question in our FAQs, you can always ask us and we will be with you shortly.

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