The Best Handheld Sewing Machines in 2023 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Our listing of the best 11 handheld and mobile sewing machines you may find online is comprehensive, covering many distinct designs and price points.

Best Handheld Sewing Machine
Best Handheld Sewing Machine

Handheld versions resemble a stapler and therefore are ideal for crafting, on-the-go-mending, as well as hemming curtains and drapes while they’re still wrapped. They normally have more features and will manage more intricate sewing tasks compared to their handheld counterparts. Both types typically operate on batteries in addition to electricity.

Whenever you’re attempting to select which kind of mobile or handheld version you need, it’s vital to understand what its main use is. If you are likely to make rapid repairs while vacationing; a handheld model is best. If you’re getting sewing courses or belong to a bar in which you have to transfer your system back and forth frequently, you may decide on a mobile style. They have a number of the vital qualities of a full size sewing machine however are somewhat more comfortable to transport and consume less space.

In our overview of the best handheld sewing machines we take some of the guesswork out of purchasing so that you’ll have more time to your favorite pastime.

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What is a Handheld Sewing Machine?

A stapler lookalike system that’s used for smaller repairs rather than the standard one is called the handheld sewing machine, some people call it as stapler sewing machine. It’s portable to the center, and its size is not much large. It doesn’t just looks like the stapler in its appearances but also comes in less or more of the exact same size. The hand sewing machine is effective in stitching a broad fleet of fabrics such as cotton, silk, nylon, and polyester.

Evidently, it’s not a complete on sewing machine like traditional Sewing Machines and mini sewing machines, however, it’s extremely helpful for repairing or little jobs around the home.

A handheld sewing machine is so compact it actually can fit in your bag or handbag. Imagine having something such as a massive staple gun which sits on your bag prepared for almost any easy sewing job.

What are the Features of Handheld Sewing Machine?

What are the features of Handheld sewing machine

There are lots of features and the Majority of the machines Advocated May attest to the following:

Portability – It’s compact and lightweight. Perfect to take on vacation for any quick fixes as you’re off
Benefit – Fits to a handbag or vacation situation
Simple to take care of – A novice sewer may operate this system
Mending – Ideal for repairs and handy around the home for hems and tiny adjustments
Cheap – The costs for all these machines are extremely reasonable at $15-$20 USD
Vacuum – No bothersome cord to get in your way because you sew little regions of cloth
Attachments – Comes with attachments although not necessarily with batteries along with the power adapter
Option – Lots of models to pick from (but constantly search for a respectable manufacturer)

What are the Drawbacks of Handheld Sewing Machine?

Fabrics – Merely sews lighter materials. This is only one of the greatest criticism of those machines irrespective of the brand. A good deal of individuals expect it’ll sew and fix jeans specifically but despite being promoted as sewing all types of fabrics, they truly don’t do a fantastic job on heavier fabrics. If you would like to sew jeans subsequently place the $20 towards a cheap standard sewing machine. You may thank you in the long term!
Not Adaptive – Maybe not designed for big sewing jobs or using for extended intervals
Restricted Software – You can only sew along a border which can be limiting for several jobs

How does it works?


This compact handheld sewing machine includes directions to thread it and utilizes one straight stitch to sew. It utilizes a bobbin thread attachment and contains one needle inserted in front. The cloth to be stitched is slotted to the front part of the machine along with the stitching runs along the face of the cloth.


You use batteries to function as handheld machine and thus it’s totally portable. It may be powered. However, you’ll require a correct DC6V power adapter which isn’t typically supplied. If you’re traveling, then batteries are simpler anyway than searching for electricity converters in various nations.


As soon as you’re booted and ready to sew, the handheld machine is quite light and simple to deal with. You push the ON button and off you go! The majority of these machines market they can sew all sorts of clothes but I’d stick to lightweight materials to get the best outcomes. If you would like to sew thicker fabrics like denim, then you’d be better off using a regular sewing machine.

SINGER 01664 Stitch Sew Quick 2 Handheld Mending Machine

SINGER 01664 Stitch Sew Quick 2 Handheld Mending Machine

Singer 01664 has become a top name in sewing machines for at least a century. The size of this Singer Mini makes it effortless to stay in your handbag to carry along for all sorts of occasions. Whenever someone has to create performances or demonstrations in front of audiences, acquiring a fantastic handheld sewing machine accessible for costume or clothing fixes is essential. You might even keep it in your glove compartment so it’s always close by if required.

The Singer Stitch Quick is whitened and works on 4AA batteries with an AC/DC adapter, sold individually. For the best results when keeping saved in your auto or other spot for protracted periods, get an adapter so that you understand your machine will remain prepared to proceed.


  • Users assert that the ribbon that comes alongside the machine is bad on the superior criteria.
  • But it’s extremely simple to add a new thread into the spool. Additionally, it’s extremely simple to use.
  • It’s durable and will stand the test of time due to its lasting built-in quality.
  • It’s capable of stitching several materials such as cotton, leather, and silk.
  • The documentation that comes in addition to the system is extremely simple to follow.


  • Lots of consumers are unhappy with the way the system fairs with numerous fabrics. In addition, it has a tendency to jam up sometimes and lacks consistency.
  • But as a backup for your normal machine, it’s a fantastic option to get.
  • The easy to handle and its streamlined layout is the only and of this machine.

SINGER 01663 Stitch Sew Quick Portable Mending Machine

SINGER 01663 Stitch Sew Quick Portable Mending Machine

This Singer includes all you want to produce a fix imbmediately and it asserts to be more durable enough to sew heavier materials such as leather and denim, even though the experience of real users informs me that does not work for everybody. The directions are far better than the Sunbeam and folks seem to generally have a much better experience with this system.

The organization’s service is topnotch also. Singer 01663 is really reliable company which specializes in sewing machines and when a handheld version is ideal for your situation and also you do not require the background works, this is the one to purchase. I urge both the Singer versions since they’re incredibly similar.


  • It lightweight increases the efficacy of this machine. Additionally, despite not getting any burden in any way, it may perform all of the basic tasks a handheld device is needed to carry out.
  • With everything goes with its functioning along with other effective features, it will not burn a Massive hole in your pocket which makes it among the best options for your seamstresses.


  • Consumers have discovered the tiles and tiles aren’t that powerful enough in comparison to other sewing machines.
  • The grade of the item and the stitch made isn’t up to the top notch.
  • It might stress some seamstress and generate a confusion about whether to purchase the machine or not.

Sunbeam Portable Cordless Handheld Sewing Machine

Sunbeam Portable Cordless Handheld Sewing Machine

The brief answer here is that I do not recommend this machine. Even though it’s produced by a respectable brand, virtually nobody who purchases it really likes it. After scouring the web for somebody with something pleasant to say, the only favorable reviews were around Amazon and from those who had obtained a free device in exchange for its inspection.

A frequent criticism is that the directions are so bad that consumers have trouble figuring out exactly what to do with it. The Sunbeam is generally a few cents cheaper than the Singer, although not worthwhile whatsoever.


  • Cordless
  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Ideal for beginners and children


  • Batteries/adaptor not included
  • Not good for professionals

MICHLEY LSS-202 Lil’ Sew & Sew Mini 2-Speed Sewing Machine

MICHLEY LSS-202 Lil' Sew & Sew Mini 2-Speed Sewing Machine

MICHLEY LSS-202 Lil’ Sew & Sew Mini 2-Speed Sewing Machine is a superb piece of technology which lets you sew all of the fundamental techniques without being as cluttered and large as a normal sewing machine. It’s so compact in size that someone may carry the machine into their preferred place by attaching them under their own shoulders.

Additionally, the weight lets you use the machine whenever it’s stored in your lap. For that reason, it creates a fantastic pick for fresh seamstresses and kids to get familiar with the art of sewing. It includes a 42 bit sewing kit, a threading tote, and a set of scissors. Both built-in standard stitches and also the 2-speed engine permits you to perform all of the basic projects with supreme ease.


  • At no greater than just $25, it’s a good purchase to the say the least.
  • It may effectively complete your little time jobs without creating any hassle.
  • This simple device is befitted together with all the vital attributes and does not complicate the item with the addition of any frills for it.
  • It’s a no frill device intended for basic stitching procedures.
  • It may be at its effective best when powered by electricity rather than the batteries.


  • This system is simply not intended for the experienced seamstresses.
  • The expert seamstresses constantly search for additional features that would enable them to create complex designs.
  • But with the lack of many different attributes, it is probably they would not enjoy the machine.
  • Another aspect that increases the downfall of this machine is its own loud sound.
  • It may irritate a number of men and women that are bothered easily together with the bothersome noise of the engine. Additionally, the sturdiness of this machine remains questionable.

Smartek Cordless Sewing Machine

Smartek Cordless Sewing Machine

Even though the manufacturers of the machine aren’t well known, they have made a good handheld stitching machine for the seamstresses. The machine functions easily on lightweight materials such as cotton but fails to impress while stitching tough fabrics.

The weight of this machine is nearly negligible. Additionally, the manufacturers have introduced this machine with vibrant colors that make it even more appealing for kids and entry seamstresses alike. It’s quite cheap, to say the very least.


  • This machine is lightweight into the center. Additionally, it’s effective for doing all of the fundamental chores without making a fuss.
  • The vivid colours and the compact dimensions of this machine make it visually beautiful.


  • The Engine of this machine Isn’t up to the mark.
  • Consequently, the machine jams up rather often developing a great deal of issues to the seamstresses.
  • The ribbon slips the needle off several times developing a hassle to the seamstresses.
  • It’s a great machine for the entry sewers but might fail to amaze somebody who has had his hands onto other machines.
  • It’s thought it is an intimidating task for those seamstresses to thread the needle.

Varmax Mini Sewing Machine

Varmax Mini Sewing Machine

Product Description

It’s a good mobile mini-sized sewing machine that comes together with a fold able extension. It could sew through 4 layers of lace cloth with extreme simplicity.

It’s due to the 1000mAh powered powerful electric supply. But it is not as streamlined as other sewing machines on the listing. Even though it provides more strength and power compared to other machines on the listing, it creates lesser sound relatively.


  • The dimensions of this machine is just what a seamstress looks forward also.
  • It isn’t overly large neither too little.
  • Thus, people with large hands can elect with this compact size made.
  • The user guide is simple to follow and comprehend.
  • The purchase cost of this machine is what brings many buyers.
  • It assists the users together with the little fixes.


  • The machine always jams while sewing.
  • The machine also drops stitches at fixed intervals. Even though it seems adorable, it moves back on its functionality.
  • It requires a whole lot of time to resolve the machine when it breaks.
  • Even after being accessible at a really inexpensive price, this machine fails to endure the expectations of their expert seamstresses.
  • It’s not in any way durable. It works good for the first couple of days but slows down on its functionality afterwards.

Goovitor Mini Handheld Sewing Machine

Goovitor Mini Handheld Sewing Machine

For stitching while traveling or in your home, you’ll require a machine using a streamlined form factor, which one from Loyalland only fulfills the requirement. You are able to hold the machine on your hands, and use it for stitching pretty much all sorts of cloth which are less than 1.8mm thick.

Beginners may run it with no trouble. There are 4 ribbon set points, you are able to disassemble it by simply pushing a button. In addition, for simple modification, it has a mounting plate. Sew or sew fabrics or clothes without taking off the clothes! Yeah, this is rather convenient you get with the greatest mobile handheld sewing machine.

It is possible to use one or more one of these power choices. To guarantee durability, the producer utilized quality metal and plastic components to produce the machine.


  • Handles thinner Cloths Nicely
  • Could be Utilized without taking off the Clothes
  • Beginner-friendly Layout
  • Perfect for quick Fixes
  • Includes a Great Deal of accessories like a Full sewing Bundle


  • Cannot sew on thicker clothes

Magicfly Mini Sewing Machine for Beginner (Best Seller)

Magicfly Mini Sewing Machine for Beginner

If your stitching needs demand a little more capable machine than the usual handheld, this one may be worth considering. You are able to stitch or sew or without assistance from an extension. If you’re supposed to take care of things like hand sleeves, then you are able to run the machine with no table. For a huge part of fabric, sew like a professional minding the extension that includes the bundle. This permits you to utilize the machine for bigger sewing jobs with good convenience.

Based upon the degree of sewing, you can increase and reduce the rate from both variable rate settings. For low light, you do not need to damage your eyes since the machine includes mild to illuminate the sewing area.


  • Capable of Managing large sewing Jobs
  • Could be operated Using a foot pedal
  • Simple to use for Novices
  • Thorough instruction manual
  • Comes with 42 Bits of sewing accessories


  • Not strong enough

Stywvoe Portable Sewing Machine, Handheld Electric Household Tool

Stywvoe Portable Sewing Machine, Handheld Electric Household Tool

Product Description

People today elect to get an easy-to-use handheld sewing machine for fast sewing tasks. However, being a portable sewing machine, this one from Stywvoe can sew wool, silk, lace, leather, handwork, or perhaps jeans with fantastic outcomes. For optimum results, ensure that the cloth is not thicker than 1.8 mm. As with other handheld sewing machines, you may use it without taking off the clothes.

To keep it easy and simple, this one has 4 ribbon set points. It is possible to readily build and disassemble employing a button alongside an adjustable mounting plate. Even though it does not cost much, the substances used to generate the machine look very durable. This mobile machine operates on two power resources. It is possible to use either 4 x AA batteries or 6V power cord.


  • Good sewing results on cloths less than 1.8 mm thick
  • Doesn’t require Upkeep
  • The machine comes with a few accessories
  • Value for money for occasional Little sewing


  • Not suitable for thicker clothes

SiddenGlod Handheld Sewing Machine

SiddenGlod Handheld Sewing Machine

Ever return to a situation when traveling your favorite piece of fabric got ripped, and you want you could discover a sewing machine near? This occurs a lot to children. You may conquer such disturbances employing a trusted handheld sewing machine similar to this one.

Just follow 4 easy actions to get things started, and press on the button to begin sewing straight away. When compared with traditional handheld machines of the identical sort, it produces much less noise when working. It’s not necessary to take off clothing to repair the ripped part.


  • Lightweight and incredibly mobile
  • Simple to begin and ready to utilize
  • Sews on various cloths
  • Simple to run


  • No power cord support

Levelasa Handheld Sewing Machine

Levelasa Handheld Sewing Machine

No desk sewing machine, no additional spending, and within a minimum time, you are able to sew fabrics and clothes without paying somebody else for this. Levelasa gifts their handheld sewing machine to make things simpler without paying much because of it. This handheld machine readily matches your own hands. Wherever you’re, you are able to sew the clothing before taking off them.

For both intermittent and DIY users, aside from sewing regular clothing, craftworks may be accomplished with good efficiency. It merely takes 4 easy actions to acquire sewing began. Whether you need to manage lace, wool, and other programs like wall drapes and hanging, the apparatus will not disappoint you whatsoever. Made from durable ABS plastic substance, you can expect it to survive longer with very little drops and abuse.


  • Effortless to use
  • Sews different materials in addition to wall and curtain hanging
  • Precise sewing
  • Durably created
  • Ideal for crafting


  • Not for large projects

How to choose Handheld Sewing Machine?

A heavy duty handheld sewing machine may be a remedy to a great deal of household sewing and stitching issues. Therefore, for you personally, it is crucial to pick the best handheld sewing machine which will satisfy all your demands and requirements. However, having just a notion about these comparisons will not be adequate enough to meet your real function.

Thus, we did provide a thought on this particular issue. And, YES, we’ve come up using a thorough guideline about these elements that you want to think about prior to making the final buying decision concerning the greatest heavy duty handheld sewing machine. Notice: We advise that you read each these factors very carefully until you buy your hand stitching machine. Because this can allow you to get the best remedy to your household sewing needs. Learn more about the best heavy-duty sewing machines.

Let us GIVE it a START afterward…


Initially, you need to produce a correct budget until you opt for any distinct handheld stitcher. Besides, having a budget can allow you to specify a regular before you create a purchase! Thus, always try to gauge your budget and then begin searching for your hand-held apparatus. Occasionally, cost isn’t a factor whatsoever when you need QUALITY. Thus, KEEP this on your MIND!


Currently, most of us know the worth of a well-famous brandnew. Actually, it’s the BRAND name which people TRUST nowadays. We always advise that you keep this element in mind as you select your handheld sewing machine. From time to time, you will see that a specific hand sewing machine out of a reputable BRAND prices a little more. In these instances, do not just concentrate on the price just, do concentrate on the BRAND too.


The needle is just one of the most essential facets that you’ve got to remember as you’re searching for very best suitable sewing machine. A needle, to a fantastic extent, plays a very important role in the degree of the stitch you are going to receive in your cloth. If the needle isn’t of top quality, then you can’t expect to possess excellent stitching in your cloth. It is so quite SIMPLE!

Consequently, you need to pay good focus on the needle of this hand sewing machine that you’re likely to buy.

Needle Threader

At any time you would like to sew something, you need to do needle threading. And, YES, most people understand this quite WELL. Whenever you’ve got a machine which has an simple and pre-threaded alternative, you can thread the machine literally tens of thousands of times without needing any sort of hassle or difficulty. TRUST meths can allow you to steer clear of countless issues associated with needle threading. Even when you’re a newcomer with superior vision, we’d suggest that you to opt for handheld machines using an integrated needle threader.


As you’re making your decision to purchase a hand sewer, then you have to concentrate on the positioning of the bobbin. And that was very frustrating. At precisely the exact same time, some handheld sewing machines include a bobbin that’s totally hidden. This can be much more frustrating since you will not have the ability to observe if to load the bobbin. The ideal place of the bobbin is on top facet of the sewing machine. This can allow you to comprehend that the opportunity to load the bobbin fast.


In case you’ve got a fantastic excellent handheld sewing machine you are able to make rapid repairs around your home very quickly. It’s possible to make garments from scrape and fix those which are damaged. There are a large range of handheld sewing machines accessible so it’s possible to come across a machine that meets your requirements.

Every one these machines are relatively cheap and all them possess a narrow use case vs a full size sewing machine. If you know their limitations however, you can find an extremely reasonable machine that’s helpful for smaller jobs, traveling purposes and other stitching situations in which you are at a pinch or desire a little machine to perform jobs set up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In terms of mild, occasional, and crafting stitching extends, a battery-operated miniature sewing machine is much more than sufficient. Should you have to sew sleeves, sleeves, along with other smaller sewing jobs, using this type of device will provide you great advantage of employing an ultra-portable machine.

Absolutely yes. Hemming trousers and stitching sleeves are among the principal uses of this type of handheld sewing machine. Within this battery-operated sewing machine review, you’ll discover quite a number of them that may be used for this function. Machines having an extension are the most competent ones to the undertaking.

This is a great question. We won’t state a hand sewing machine sews in precisely the exact same rate a traditional machine does. But, for little sewing jobs, it is possible to sew using a handheld sewing machine very quickly. This will not take a lot of time to execute those little household sewing tasks.

The solution is YES. In reality, you will be amazed to hear that the capability of a handheld sewing machine to sew patches is among the principal reasons because of their selling things. You may even sew stains without taking off your clothes. So a fantastic tool for stitching patches — Our view.

Well, this query is somewhat complicated. In our experience, we’ve seen several handheld sewing machines which work good with jeans. On the contrary, a number of those miniature handheld machines aren’t great at all for jeans fabrics.

Still have questions?

If you cannot find an answer to your question in our FAQs, you can always ask us and we will be with you shortly.

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