15 Best Fabric Spray Paint in 2023 (In-Depth Review)

Fabric paints are a fantastic way to give old garments, furniture and other items fresh energy. They’re made to apply uniformly and opaquely on various fabrics for inspiring and creative projects for people of all ages. The paints are accessible in a range of hues and finishes, allowing you to create your ideal design, no matter how colorful or complex.

Best Fabric Spray Paint
Best Fabric Spray Paint

Before you go out and buy fabric paints, consider the material you’ll be painting, whether it’s T-shirts, Jeans or Upholstery. This will contribute to determining the correct fabric color for your job. Contemplate your desired finish: opaque, semi-transparent, shiny, dull or metallic. Many manufacturers, fortunately, sell a variety of paint boxes that include some of each. (I also have tutorials about what is scuba fabric and where to buy cheap fabric)

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What is Fabric Paint?

Fabric paint is a type of paint made specifically for use on textiles. Manufacturers uses color and a binder to create it. The paint bonds to the materials owing to the binder material and also this binder prevent the paint from flaking off. Moreover, for more durable results fabric paints have to be heat pressed.

How Do You Apply Spray Paint to Fabric?

To start with your fabric spray paint journey you can choose a number of paints. Fabric spray paint is obviously the first one; puffy paint is the next, and acrylic spray paint is the last. Lastly, you can use any fabric-safe spray paint.

Some solutions only require a warm, well-ventilated area to hold in and cure to apply the color at their leisure. To ensure that the design sticks to the textile, heat fixes the pattern with fabric paint. Heat setting is not possible until the color has completely dried.

You can destroy your artwork if you are impatient and attempt to heat set it before it is completely dried. Furthermore, if you are not cautious, you can get color on your iron or other heat sources. Employing a fan or hairdryer can distribute wet paint a little, undoing all of your hard work so it is good to wait a little than ruining your work. It is always advisable to wait for at least a day after painting before fixing the painting.

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Best For Beginners: Tulip Iridescent Fabric Paint

Look no further than tulip iridescent fabric paint if you want a permanent solution for uplifting your old clothes. This fabric paint leaves a shiny layer that gives a new soul to your clothes. Applying this paint on fabric will dry quickly without leaving the cloth to turn brittle.

It is worth noting that applying this paint on the darker fabrics will see through behind it as it has low opacity. But it provides even coverage for the design you choose. Tulip ColorShot instant fabric color gives your textiles a quick shot of gorgeous, washable, lasting color.

It’s great for a splash of color and even coating all over, and it pairs well with cutouts and monograms. This textile spray paint is straightforward: shake the bottle, position, and spray for beautiful color that dries quickly and softly to the feel, with no drips or squirts. Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color adds maximum color appeal to your fabrics whether they need a color to renew, refreshment, or remake.

Reason to Consider

  • It will not harden the fabric
  • Easy to apply
  • Machine washable
  • Everlasting color

Reason to Avoid

  • A little expensive

Best Versatile: Rust-Oleum 248919A3 Automotive Enamel Fabric & Vinyl Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum 248919A3 automotive fabric and upholstery spray paint is excellent for decorating automobile seating, doors and windows, vinyl car roofs, dashboards, and leather seats. This only comes with one can of paint, sufficient to coat up to 12 square feet.

It dries pretty quickly, taking only about 10 minutes. It won’t wear off, split or peel and produces vibrant color on cloth and vinyl surfaces. This hue can also be used on vinyl furnishings, baggage, car seats, vehicle panels, car roofs, dashboards, floor mats, and other surfaces. 

Its excellent stickiness will not rub off, split, or peel. Moreover, you can spray this paint from any position with a comfortable tip for quick completion of a project. With a flat gloss, it can recover the color of vinyl, synthetic leather, and other textiles to a brand new one. And yes, this spray paint has actual vinyl that offers optimum flexibility.

Reason to Consider

  • It will not crack or peel
  • Perfect for automobile furnishing
  • Easy to apply
  • Durable

Reason to Avoid

  • It might not work well on delicate fabrics

Best Value: Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color 

We have another Tulip ColorShot instant fabric color. This spray paint gives your materials a quick shot of gorgeous, durable, permanent color. It’s great for a splash of color or even covering all over, and it pairs well with cutouts and emblems!

If you ask how to use ColorShot, it is pretty simple. You only need to shake the spray can for one minute, aim, and spray for stunning color. It comes in classic, neon and metallic shimmer tones that dry quickly and softly without drips or splatters.

Moreover, this spray paint has maximum opacity that conceals the fabric perfectly. And It’s also relatively simple to combine with other colors. Whether you want to splash different colors or want to add high color attractiveness to your garment and home décor materials with Tulip ColorShot you can rejuvenate, refresh or remake any material.

Reason to Consider

  • Maximum coverage
  • Very reasonable price
  • Machine washable
  • Doesn’t make fabric stiff

Reason to Avoid

  • Paint is less in the can

Best Overall: Shuttle Art 18 Metallic Colors Permanent Soft Fabric Paint in Bottles

If you are looking for a big bang for the buck, look no further than Shuttle art metallic fabric paint. This 18 metallic colors soft fabric paint comes in 60ml containers, 3 brushes, 1 palette, and 18 pattern sticker stencils. All these are included in the Shuttle Art fabric paint kit, ideal for different textile paints and art projects.

Moreover, these metallic paints are easy to mix and cover, durable and won’t flake or peel. Furthermore, it is long-lasting enough to withstand heavy use and multiple cycles in the washing machine and dryers. Shuttle Art clothes paints are also set to use, requiring no additional textile material or heat to activate.

This quality textile paint comes in vibrant colors and works well on bright and dark-colored materials. Additionally, it is appropriate for both synthetic and natural fibers, making it excellent for t-shirts, denim, handbags, shoes, hats, tablecloths, and other D.I.Y. and craft items. And best of all, it is non-toxic and acid-free, safe, and acceptable paint.

Reason to Consider

  • Works well on both light and dark fabrics
  • Comes complete with brush and palette
  • Machine washable
  • Stays soft on fabric

Reason to Avoid

  • None

Best For Multicolor: Tulip Fabric Spray Paint With Multicolor

We have another tulip fabric spray paint with multicolor. This one comes at a very reasonable price thanks to its 6-in-1 pack. This Tulip fabric spray paint set includes six cans in various colors, including red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and black. It will give your creativity a new dimension.

Each can of Tulip fabric paint holds 2.5 ounces of textile spray paint, which can be used to create tie-dye effects, emblems, or all-over colors. And don’t worry, these hues are stunning, long-lasting, and easy to clean. You can machine wash the item after decorating.

Above all, these paints are simple to use and dry quickly and once dry, they are smooth to the touch. You only need to shake the can vigorously and apply it to your project. They produce a flawless finish that is free of drips and splatters. Moreover, they’re ideal for a splash of color or even covering with this maximum opacity.

Reason to Consider

  • Great deal for 6 packs
  • Machine washable
  • Quick-drying
  • Color sort feature
  • Smooth to touch

Reason to Avoid

  • It cannot cover the weave of upholstery

Best Solid Color: Dupli-Color HVP106 Vinyl and Fabric Spray Paint

If you want a lasting resolution for your car interior paint and fabric paint, then Dupli-Color vinyl and fabric spray paint is for you. Dupli-Color Spray Paint is ideal for textile and vinyl painting in automobile interiors. With its self-priming formula, you will love how it provides maximum coverage.

You will get a spray can with 11 oz of paint inside. Moreover, its E.Z. touch conical nozzle mist perfects the paint layer on the material. You will love the flat black paint, one of 13 hues offered in this Dupli-Color vinyl & fabric spray paint. Furthermore, it drys instantly, only 30 minutes after painting.

Besides black color, it also come in gloss transparent, metallic, red, white, blue, medium grey, charcoal grey, burgundy, desert sandy, glossy black, pastel blue, and light beige. Besides, it’s simple to use on different materials and won’t split, peel or flake. You can use this paint to give your worn or discolored interior vinyl couches, door panels, shifter boots and consoles a new look.

Reason to Consider

  • Comes in 13 different colors
  • Permanent colors
  • Machine washable
  • Can work on tricky materials like carpets as well

Reason to Avoid

  • It is not for super heavy coating

Best Absorbing: Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Spray Paint 

The Simply spray upholstery fabric spray paint is undoubtedly one of the top and most renowned fabric and upholstery spray paints available now. It comes in a variety of colors. However, this particular box just contains one color.

It’s non-toxic, non-flammable and UV-protective. Moreover, it is ideal for all absorbing materials, including upholstery; however, It’s not an excellent choice for materials that aren’t absorbent. You can use it on your couches, chairs, cushions, rugs, drapes, decorative items, linens and the interiors of your vehicle, boat, and Motorhome.

However, when you spread it on all materials, test the absorption of the material on a tiny area first. And if it all looks good, go ahead and use it to adorn your goods. Before applying the paint to your goods, make sure they are clean and dry. This non-toxic, non-combustible and long-lasting color, after drying, will not rub off.

Reason to Consider

  • It absorbs well in all materials
  • Perfect for vehicle furniture and fabrics
  • Non-flammable
  • U.V. protective

Reason to Avoid

  • You will need more cans for completing a project

Best Illuminated: Deval Products Glow in the Dark Spray Fabric Paint

This Deval Glowi n the Dark fabric spray paint is an excellent choice if you’re looking for the most extraordinary glow-in-the-dark spray paint for fabric and clothing. The pack contains one 2.5 oz can significantly be made for fabric and is an excellent choice for handicrafts and painting children’s items.

Its convenient nozzle sprayer makes it perfect for making your favorite embellishments. Whether you want to decorate your kid’s bedroom or embellish a shirt, these deval products will work fine. It is, nevertheless, made in the United States and conforms to all safety standards.

This illuminated fabric spray paint provides even coverage to materials, and also it will not crack or peel off the fabric. Overall, this Deval product is a good option if you need a luminous spray paint for your cloth or garment.

Reason to Consider

  • It glows in the dark
  • Come in different colors
  • Perfect for kid’s stuff decoration
  • Conforms to safety standards

Reason to Avoid

  • Customers complain about the low-quality of colors

Best Furniture: Designer Accents Fabric Paint Spray Dye by Simply Spray

Next we have the designer accent fabric spray paint. When dry, this very efficient fabric spray paint leaves the material soft and supple to the touch while preventing it from becoming harsh or stiff, cracking or peeling. After 3 days, the paint is everlasting and will not wipe off or transfer onto garments.

Moreover, it is non-toxic that can be applied to outdoor mattresses, garments, sofas, soft furnishings, and other items. However, it works best on absorbent and organic textiles, not on plastic, vinyl, or synthetic. While using the spray paint, sealing on the material should be erased with a steamer.

Besides, being non-toxic it is also free of odors or corrosive materials, making it entirely safe for use. However, this dye might not function on polyester, plastic, or vinyl; it will leave an indelible mark on most absorbent materials. In other words, this is the most excellent dye for rescuing fading upholstery furnishings from the trash.

Reason to Consider

  • Non-toxic and non-flammable
  • ASTM-D 4236 certified
  • It works well on outdoor materials
  • Soft to touch

Reason to Avoid

  • It requires multiple coats for coverage

Best Upholstery: Dupli-Color HVP103 Silver High-Performance Vinyl and Fabric Spray

This Dupli-Color HVP103 has constantly been a primary choice for thousands of consumers, whether they are performing activities to renew their automobile upholstery or want to specify the design of their furniture. With its E.Z. touch conical nozzle, you will have maximum convenience of the spray painting.

Plastics and vinyl fabrics can be simply coated with this spray coating. And the best part is that the automobile maker assesses this fabric color paint. Furthermore, there is no necessity for a primer because the color is created with a high adhesion stimulant that gives your items a showroom polish look.

Regardless of how you wish to customize your upholstery, this is cost-effective. It will have a vibrant appearance and is quite durable. Lots of consumers rave about how well this stuff works for them. This item arrives in a flat black container with an 11 oz capacity; however, it has 13 different colors. The optimal medium for this item is plastic or vinyl.

Reason to Consider

  • The automobile maker tests the color
  • Suitable for both upholstery and automobile leather
  • Contains a maximal adhesion booster
  • The color will not peel, split, or chip

Reason to Avoid

  • Not for delicate fabrics

Best For Outdoor Upholstery: Tulip ColorShot Outdoor Upholstery Spray Paint

The Tulip ColorShot fabric spray paint arrives in a set of four 8oz aerosol cans. Although it is offered in a single pack with red color paint, chocolate, red, turquoise, kiwi, blue, slate, onyx, and rainbow are among the other eight unique colors available.

All handmade and synthetic fabrics respond well to this paint. It’s U.V. and weather-resistant, and it gives your stuff a flawless finish with no drops or squirts. While it will not drip or splatter, it applies evenly on every surface. This durable spray paint color with rich pigmentation avoids fading.

It dries immediately and feels pleasant to the touch, and it won’t wear off on your clothes. Your hand fatigue will minimum since spray control is improved with this ergonomic spray pump. Ultimately, this outdoor upholstery spray fabric paint is a good choice if you want high-quality exterior fabric spray paint.

Reason to Consider

  • Perfect for any outdoor fabric, furniture or clothing
  • It will not spatter or drip
  • U.V. and weather protection
  • It won’t stain your clothes

Reason to Avoid

  • It requires more coats

Best For T-Shirts: Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color

Tulip is a no-brainer for cloth spray dye. This Tulip ColorShot Instant fabric spray dye performs well on both natural and synthetic fabrics however t-shirts are the most excellent choice for this paint. But, this item will be an excellent alternative for various crafts or D.I.Y. apparel designs. It arrives in a three-ounce bottle and in 32 colors, including classic, metallic, and neon. You can choose colors according to your preferences.

It looks excellent with intricate designs or stencils. You can use splashes of color or paint all over colored surfaces. The color dries rapidly with no splatters or drips, and it has a flexible and soft feel. 

We’ll suggest this item if you need to replace your apparel or home decor items. It performs excellently on everything from t-shirts to home furnishings and leaves a lovely finish. It received such high marks from customers owing to its vibrant color palette.

You don’t have to labor as hard as before. Simply shake well before spraying 8 to 10 inches from your item. Once your color has dried, don’t forget to iron it. It will aid in their correct placement. Don’t worry; it worked out well with the materials even after multiple launderings. You may update the look of your old products in just a few seconds. Overall, if you’re searching for a gorgeous, washable, and permanent color for your clothes, this is your product.

Reason to Consider

  • Quickly dries
  • Hand touch is soft and flexible
  • Appropriate for even coverage
  • There is no dripping or splattering on the cloth

Reason to Avoid

  • None

Best Glitter: Tulip Fabric Spray 26572 SOP 4Oz Glittering Diamond

Tulip makes a broad range of fabric paints and is a popular choice among children and adults. It’s also your go-to budget fabric paint because of its meager price. This littery fabric spray will put a new soul into your old and boring clothes.

This paint is charming and flexible to the touch and has brilliant colors. Moreover, it can be used on any clothing color, although it best affects light-colored materials and medium results on dark-colored fabrics. Since glitter fabric spray paint can be used to make clothing and accessories shimmer fabric lampshades, totes, handbags and school bags can all be get a fresh look with this one.

The easy-squeeze bottle of the aerosol spray helps you regulate the flow of paint and draw specific features. Moreover, it also works well with stencils and monograms. Tulip fabric paint’s non-toxic recipe is washable, so you can effortlessly clean any object you’ve painted with it. After you’ve finished painting, make sure to heat set your work.

Reason to Consider

  • Permanent color
  • Offers vibrant colors
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Soft and flexible to touch

Reason to Avoid

  • It might not work well on dark clothes

Best ECO-Friendly: Tulip Fabric Spray Sets 31424 SOP Multi Mini Neon 7Pk

Use this fabric spray paint to express your creativity by spritzing, splattering, or spraying these stunning and brilliant colors on surfaces like cloth, glass, wood, or acrylic. A single kit contains a large number of colors. On the fabric, it produces vivid, colorful colors. When you color your material, you’ll notice how soft and flexible the coloring is.

They will not fade even if washed repeatedly. The colors are non-toxic and environmentally safe. So, if you wish to dye anything for your child, go ahead and do it. This combination of seven beautiful colors – red, yellow, orange, purple, green, blue, and black — can also be utilized as a fun group exercise for kids. 

The spray nozzle provides maximum control for precise application and minimizes dripping and mess. Because the container contains no air and just substance, there is no risk of leakage or harmful propellants being released into the atmosphere. After drying, the fabric paint becomes permanent, and the fabric stays soft and supple, not fading even after washing.

Reason to Consider

  • Produces vibrant hues
  • ECO-Friendly colors that are non-toxic
  • Colors that shine in the dark
  • Provides bright colors at a reasonable price

Reason to Avoid

  • None

Best For D.I.Y: S.E.I. Classic Tie-Dye Kit, Fabric Spray Dye

You can quickly dye like a master with these spray colors. With this spraying paint for fabric, any creative enthusiast can design their own colorful thoughts on t-shirts. You can make your unique by combining the many hues in this kit. There’s no requirement for salt or soda, and it doesn’t need to be mixed. Simply spray the color and allow it to dry before ironing it to perfection.

This kit is ideal for any D.I.Y project, as per experts. You can easily select colors from the kit to meet your needs. The product’s durability and vivid appeal were praised by several customers. Moreover, you can machine wash the color and the color will not come off when you wash it repeatedly.

The assorted neon color, galaxy, multi-color, and mixed color this textile spray is available in various colors. Every single bundle contains eight different colors in a 2 oz container. Colors can be changed to make it your own. The spray dye in the kit is enough to color up to 20 items.

Reason to Consider

  • Dye that is ready to use
  • Toxic-free dye
  • Color that lasts even after multiple washes
  • This results in vivid hues

Reason to Avoid

  • The spray nozzle is not good

What is the Best Method to Spray Paint Fabrics?

To avoid inhaling fumes or painting particles, operate in a well-ventilated area. Additionally, you should put on a face cover or mask. Below is the step to paint the fabric:

Step 1: Wash the Fabric

Clean the fabric with soapy water to eliminate all residues, dirt, or oil from the fabric’s top. You can hang the cloth or tie it on a line with hooks. Ensure to use cardboard to divide each face of the material.

Step 2: Paint the Fabric

Stir the spray paint for one minute and use a sweeping hand motion to apply it. Based on your choice, apply up to four coats of spray paint. Let one layer dry totally before applying the other one. Remove any extra paint with a damp cloth.

Step 3: Let the Fabric Air Dry

Leave the cloth to dry after spray painting it. Once it dries thoroughly iron the fabric. This will guarantee that the paint sticks to the fabric properly.

How to Choose the Best Fabric Spray Paint – Buying Guide

Since you’ve read the review of the 15 best fabric spray paint, below are some tips to assist you in deciding on the best one for your requirements and allow you to represent yourself creatively.

Project Type

When selecting a fabric spray paint, think about the item you want to decorate and choose an appropriate item. To guarantee that the spray product will fit with your fabric, such as the color and kind of cloth, take the time to read the description to verify that you obtain the expected results.

Lighter textiles, such as shirts, drapes, and tablecloths are probably more suited to a particular fabric of spray paints. Certain fabric spray paints are made specifically for decorative pillows, furniture materials, and mats, both indoors and outdoors. You can also use  Fabric spray paint to create graphic designs or emblems on coats, t-shirts, curtains, table linens, and other items by gluing, stenciling, and attaching.

Paint Base

Color pigments in a liquefied base are poured from a pumping nozzle, or aerosol can create fabric spray paint. Acrylic-based paints are the most prevalent, with the color pigment mixed in a synthetic resin or acrylic polymeric glue. While moist, these paints are hydrophilic; however, when dried, they turn everlasting.

Oil-based paints are solid and durable and can be created with organic or inorganic oils. Solvent-based paints dry quicker because the alcohol evaporates when exposed to air. Textile paints made with ethanol are pigments that seep into the fabric fibers.

Applicator Type

Fabric spray paints may be sprayed with either an aerosol sprayer or a spraying bottle. Aerosol spray cans combine textile paint with an aerosol fuel and are placed in a spray can at compression, resulting in a thin layer of paint. Owing to the substances used in aerosol propellants and their environmental footprint, many individuals prefer to avoid using aerosol spray cans.

A spray pump uses a mechanical system to push the paint out, giving the operator more command over the space they’re decorating. Dribbing paint generates striking designs, spritzer bottle lightly makes a misty impression, and uniformly spraying produces a consistent hue. To create a unique shape, People can shoot liquid paint from canisters or brush it on with a brush.


Fabrics will constantly touch your skin no matter what you put on them. So, pick your items wisely. Your spraying color must be non-toxic, without any chemicals or acids. 


The capability of paint to conceal the color of the material beneath it is measured in opacity. A textile spray paint performs effectively if the cloth is brighter than the paint color. A material that is brown in color will appear beneath a brighter paint if the textile spray paint is not entirely solid.

Furniture and canvases fabric is painted with sandy spray paint, which provides excellent thickness and opacity. The disadvantage is that chalky texture spray paint toughens the textile, whereas other textile spray paints keep it flexible and supple. When used properly, the best fabric spray paints will produce uniform color effects; therefore, following the manufacturer’s directions is critical.

Heat Setting Fabric Paint

A high temperature must be used to fix acrylic fabric paint to ensure that it is lasting. While coping with heat-sensitive materials, this is a critical element to understand. You won’t achieve long-lasting and permanent effects if you can’t control the heat effectively. Select spray paint for materials with heat control parameters for maximum performance.

All you require is the best fabric spray paint to change your old, worn clothes into colorful new apparel items. They’re not only great for mist painting garments, but they can also be utilized on footwear, furnishings, and upholstered textiles for both interior and exterior locations.

When getting one, keep in mind it matches your needs. Such as that the paint’s base satisfies your needs, that it features an easy-to-use applicator, that the thickness and viscosity fit on the item you’re spray painting, and that it features heat control parameters. With these considerations in mind, you may select the ideal fabric spray for your specific requirements, ensuring long-lasting and expected effects.


Before purchasing fabric spray paint, think about its longevity. If the color is challenging, it will not come off readily. The ability of the color to not rinse off in the midst of regular use and washing determines the fabric’s timeless appearance. A tough paint can withstand minor damage, breaks, and peels while hiding stains and dirt. On the other hand, if the paint isn’t resilient, it won’t last long on the fabric and will split.


When spray paint for fabrics is applied correctly, it should dry firmly on the fabric. The paint’s adhesive properties determine how long it stays permanent on the textile. Such paints have excellent intrinsic adhesive properties, allowing them to stay on cloth, upholstery, or curtains indefinitely. Wool, linen, silk, flax, and polyester are all acceptable materials.

The Takeaway

Based on our findings thus far, the Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color is the best fabric spray paint. It has several features that make it distinctive from the competition. The best fabric spray paint, in general, should work on both organic and synthetic fabrics. The Tulip ColorShot does that and also available in a range of colors.

Besides there are other options as well for you to check out. When looking for fabric paint you should search for one that dries quickly and feels good to the touch. Moreover, fabric paint also need to be spatter proof and split resistant.

As you have observed, you don’t need to be a better professional to spray paint. A newbie cloth designer can create excellent artistic effects using a simple step-by-step D.I.Y process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your patterns can stay lovely and brilliant for a more extended period if you use the correct fabric paint. It can last for years and years if properly cared for. If you use heat to set your creations, wait 2 days after painting, flip inside out, and heat set with your irons to make it lasting or fade-resistant.

Because most fabric paint is designed to be persistent, it is difficult to remove. It’s even more lasting since it binds with the fabric’s interwoven strands.  If you’re not cautious, it can even attach to your body!

There is a way to remove cloth paint once it set accidentally. It takes an alcohol-based solution, lukewarm water, and a bunch of washing with a rough and harsh scouring pad. Although this may help reduce the staining of the fabric paint, acetones can degrade plastics, mainly acrylic, and must not be used on acrylic cloth.

Fabric spray works well on garments and a variety of non-fabric surfaces. When it dries, it remains forever on your fabric. It will not rinse off or come off, whether washed or worn. After coating it, the basic guideline is to give it adequate time to dry.

Yes, spray paint is effective paint for textiles. Constant washing will not cause it to rub off, split, or peel. This is due to the paint’s excellent adhesion properties. It also works well on textiles.

Heat setting fabric paints assure that they will not dissipate in the washer or dryer. Heat press your fabric paint pattern for 2 to 5 minutes using a cleaned, dry press cloth. Your irons will be dictated by the material you’re using. Do not use your iron’s steam preset.

Yes, it is correct!  Rustoleum spray paint could be used on textiles. Because it is versatile and sufficient to be utilized on a range of materials, the Rustoleum fabric paint series is an ultimate pick for exterior fabric paint.

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