SINGER 01663 Handheld Sewing Machine Review (Must Read Before Buying)

Get a handheld sewing machine when you prefer a flexible, handy, and valuable tool in an emergency. Not every sewing accidents or requirements arise in the home. Accidents can happen anyplace, and most of them are uncomfortable. Try the SINGER 01663 Sewing Machine for those on-the-go demands if you require one lightweight and reliable.

SINGER 01663 Handheld Sewing Machine
SINGER 01663 Handheld Sewing Machine

People can get it’s a perfect option in contrast to sewing machines to move and do sewing fixes on various materials. SINGER 01663 is a compact and lightweight sewing machine that will help in any emergency.

SINGER 01663 Stitch Sew Quick Review

The SINGER Stitch Sew Quick is helpful for fast mending and claims to be sturdy enough to handle more rigid fabrics such as leather or jeans. Though this may help individuals, it does not always succeed on thicker materials.

It is not a surprise, though, as it mimics the shape of a stapler and works in hand, so getting along on tough fabrics might be difficult.

Comes with All Needed Accessories

All you need to get going is included with the unit. It comes with a needle threader, bobbins, commencement threads, and various machine needles. It is battery-operated, making it simple to stitch in cramped or uncomfortable locations, such as sewing on an inclination.

Features of SINGER 01663

  • Come with a scannable QR code for directions.
  • You will get four bobbins and a threaded spindle for quick use.
  • It works on two AA batteries but also works with a power adaptor.
  • The package also includes three needles and a needle threader.

Easy to Handle

You are not hooked to a wire, makings sewing difficult and inconvenient. Stitches of this type are simple to create. Although portable devices are often associated with being lighter, it is not really necessarily the truth.

Machines of lower quality might be clumsy, uncomfortable, and hefty. These devices, like the SINGER Quick Sew, are pretty light. As a result, although robust and well-made, they are simple to handle and grasp.

Easy to Use

The guidelines for this device are visible on the box as a QR Code that can be read. Because the directions are simple to understand, people generally have a better time with the SINGER portable sewing machine.

Small yet Powerful

This tool is so tiny that it simply fits in the palm of your hand. You can also conveniently pack into a bag or store it in a cabinet when not using it. This is so adaptable that it may be taken anywhere.

The SINGER Stitch Sew Quick uses a single thread feed to create long-lasting stitches. It won’t fall down or only provide a partial fix like most manufacturers. The stitches had almost no slip and are pretty tight.

SINGER 01663 Advantages

  • Perfect for small crafts.
  • A best portable machine that can do fabric fixes in remote locations.
  • Works on a good range of materials.
  • Its Measurements are 9 x 2.25 x 7.5 inches making it best to carry in a luggage bag.
  • The price is also quite reasonable.

SINGER 01663 Disadvantages

  • Since it has a different design than a traditional machine, it might be challenging to lift the pressure plate.
  • It doesn’t have a reverse stitch.

What Did People Say About SINGER 01663 Handheld Sewing Machine?

The SINGER Stitch Sew Quick has mixed ratings. It is popular due to its mobility and the fact that it is light and inconspicuous. It’s not hard to pick up, which defeats the purpose of purchasing a portable unit in the first place.

No Backstitch Option

The SINGER is famous for producing high-quality items. Still, the primary goal seems to be the unavailability of a backstitch to keep the threads in place. Most people are unaware that they must knot up the stitch, leading to most low reviews.

Less Room for Sewing

You can place the fabric beneath the pressure foot, the second difficulty. People find the room too tiny and require additional assistance to finish the work.

What to Conclude From These Reviews?

Do the poor comments a true reflection of the item, or are they due to unrealistic expectations owing to SINGER’s trademark? When seen realistically, the product accomplishes the goal for which it was created. The ability to stitch denser textiles is an extra bonus.

The SINGER has an excellent sewing machine. As it was not intended to substitute stitching equipment, this gadget comes in handy in need. The device is constructed to withstand, and the threads are tight.

The SINGER Stitch Sew Quick eliminates the confusion associated with understanding how to use the device by giving simple working directions. The SINGER has stopped the most prevalent justification for not using a portable sewing machine via designing it easy to use.

Should You Buy a Handheld Sewing Machine?

The most important feature of a handheld sewing machine is, sure, portable. Because these devices are so lightweight and cramped that you can conveniently carry them in a handbag for urgent situations. They are much handier because they are so small.

Most people bring a portable sewing kit as a precaution in clothing accidents. They necessitate hand stitching as they can comfortably fit into a handbag or maybe even a rear pocket. While this isn’t a problem if you’ve done it before, most people haven’t.

Folks tend to manually sew only when absolutely necessary. This is only performed when absolutely needed. Using a sewing machine is most often best since it makes life easier. Aside from the time investment, hand stitching has the disadvantage of efficiently executing an irregular stitch. This is no longer an issue with a handheld sewing machine.

Although this isn’t a substitute for a traditional sewing machine, it offers a portable repair option. Curtains, for instance, would need you to bring them down for repairs. On the other hand, a portable sewing machine makes repairing it much more manageable.

Some people also use these devices to learn how to stitch independently. They are ideal for handicrafts without pricey equipment and are inexpensive.

Why Should You Not Buy a Handheld Sewing Machine?

Mobile sewing machines aren’t intended to take the place of a traditional sewing machine. They’re ideal for minor tasks or short fixes. Even the most advanced engine cannot match a conventional sewing machine’s brilliance or adaptability.

The most significant disadvantage of these machines is learning how to use them. Many individuals understand through effort, whereas others benefit by watching informative videos on the internet. Demonstrations might help you get the most out of a new device.

The Takeaway?

The SINGER Stitch Sew Quick is highly portable, ideal for minor, fast fixes to daily objects. This battery-operated tiny transportable repairing machine performs on various household materials, from beds to drapes. Its wireless feature lets the user freely travel about one or more tasks. The built-in power switch ensures that the device is appropriate to handle.

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