How to Use Brother PED Basic Embroidery Software?

If you are delving into embroidering endeavors, Brother embroidery machines are the best to start with. This machine boasts many simplistic features that ease your use of the machine.

How to Use Brother PED-Basic Embroidery Software?
Brother PED Basic Embroidery Software

Apart from offering a vast number of in-built embroidery patterns, it also provides you with other software for embroidery. Many of the Brother’s computerized embroidery machines can work with embroidery software that lets you work with ease on any project.

Therefore, we came up with this guide to tell you how embroidery software works to make your life easier.

What is Embroidery Software?

Embroidery software is a utility that lets you adjust the alphabet, font sizes, and types very quickly. Apart from that, you can also change the width and length of your favorite designs and patterns. Simply put, embroidery software can help you through your dress designing journey. It is worth mentioning that you need to install the embroidery software first on a laptop or computer before using it. You can play with your designs and patterns to adjust them to your desired patterns. Many sewing enthusiasts go for embroidery software to give the dresses an elegant look.

What is Embroidery Software

Do You Need Embroidery Software With Brother Embroidery Machines?

Brother embroidery machines often come with automated software, including all of the necessary design tools for producing stunning patterns and designs. Besides this software, many embroidery machines also come with a USB port to upload embroidery designs to your computerized Brother embroidery machine.

But, if your appliance does not have a USB port, you can also use the embroidery software to upload the patterns and designs. PE-Design or PED series is by far the most popular Brother Embroidery software. This Brother PED program includes a few essential embroidery functions that let any beginner sewist start working quickly.

A little About Brother PED Basic Embroidery Software

The PED Basic from Brother is the initial step into a whole new dimension of embroidery creations for any embroidery machine. PED Basic lets you download embroidery patterns, execute easy modification actions on embroidery material that comes in .pes files, and transfer those .pes files to unique chips for the embroidery machine. Three frame diameters, an open stitch pattern preview, printed pattern samples that may be utilized as positioning guides while embroidering, and built-in embroidery patterns are all included in PED Basic.

Brother PED Basic Software Features

  • Transfer embroidery patterns from CD-ROM
  • Installed embroidery patterns
  • Three Different frame dimensions
  • Access free or low-cost embroidered designs (.pes format files) Online
  • Increase the size of most patterns from 90% to 120%
  • Generate a picture of the pattern as well as design details such as title, dimensions, amount of stitches, and thread colors
  • Create the pattern’s stitching space box and the center axis
  • Print a pattern matrix that you can employ to lay the design on your stitching piece
  • Accurate embroidery pattern sneak peek
  • The stitching and colors are presented on your PC screen to see how the embroidery will look when finished
  • Saves embroidery design data (.pes files) to your embroidery machine’s genuine Brother memory cards

How to Get Started With Brother PED Basic Embroidery Software?

You either need a CD or download it from the internet to get the PED software. Many Brother’s embroidery machines come with a PED software CD that lets you upload the patterns right after getting the device. However, if your embroidery machine does not have one, you can get it from the internet via download.

For downloading, you need to:

  • Visit the official website of PED Basic software.
  • After that, check the compatibility of the software with your windows. Mostly this software is compatible with any windows above 98 version.
  • Choose a software that is compatible with your windows.
  • Finish the download by clicking on the download button.

If you want to cut the hassle of downloading the software and you can purchase it from Amazon. They sell the PED software CD, driver box, and memory card, which are easy to use. By simple plug-and-play, you can go with your favorite patterns.

How to Use Brother PED Basic Embroidery Software?

You can effortlessly run the program on your laptop after installing the software. We have looked over how to use the Brother PED Basic embroidery software below.

1. Install the Software

The first step to getting started with PED Basic embroidery software is to transfer it to your PC. If you download software, it will come with easy-to-follow instructions on the website that let you install it to your computer.

Moreover, suppose you are using the CD for transferring the software. In that case, you will find the installation instructions on the CD packaging. Follow the instructions for installation of your downloaded software.

2. Select the Embroidery Design

You must first choose an embroidery design and then download and install them after you’ve saved your creations in the software. Load these designs into a memory card.  You’ll require a card reader at this stage to scan the memory card and save the images. Besides, it has various pre-installed designs, which you can use for dressmaking. If not, you can also use the internet to acquire additional images.

3. Attach the Card Driver to the Embroidery Machine

A memory card slot is found on almost every sewing machine. You must first unlock the lid and install it to use the memory card. After that, by tapping the memory card on the embroidered control unit, you may print the designs on your cloth.

Take Into Account

While the PED Basic embroidery software is easy-to-use, it currently does not work on MAC operating systems. However, it works with Windows 2000, XP, 7, 8 and 10, so you will have no trouble for.


We’ve attempted to educate you regarding PED Basic embroidery software and how to use it. You finally understand how to operate the Brother PED Basic embroidery software. Approximately 90% of customers consider it to be special embroidery software. The Brother PED Basic program is one of the most popular among beginner users because of its ease of usage.

It has several handy functions. Additionally, it aids in the creation of beautiful embroidered designs. You can consult the specialists or Brother official customer support if you notice any troubles. If you are operating the updated software, we suggest periodically checking for upgrades.

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