How to Change Needle Position on Janome Sewing Machine

You might be aware that there are multiple brands of sewing machines and they all have different settings and adjustments. And due to different needle settings on modern sewing machines, people get confused about how to change needle position on sewing machines and what will be the best setting. As a result, you must look for the best suitable setting by reading the manual guide.

How to Change Needle Position on Janome Sewing Machine
How to Change Needle Position on Janome Sewing Machine

When it comes to my experience, I usually adjust the needle height, needle bar, and needle plate before changing the needle position in the Janome sewing machine. After that, a needle will be needed to install and lower from the prior position. Then a screw will be required to change the needle’s position.

If you want to get a bit more detailed information about how to change needle position, you will have to read below.

What Are the Basic Features of a Janome Sewing Machine?

Before going to change the position of the needle on your Janome sewing machine, you must be aware of the basic features of the machine. It will help you effectively and quickly change the position of the needle.

Below are the main features that you must take into account:

Zigzag Features

It is a function for adjusting the needle placement in the sewing machine. This useful option indicates how to use your presser foot and change the needle setting on your sewing machine. By doing this, you can precisely control where your threads will be placed.

A zigzag stitch’s width can be changed to a straight thread. By changing the stitch width to 2.00 mm, you can flawlessly sew a horizontal line. To get the sewing line you need, you will have to set the machine foot next to your target. By doing this, you must keep your eyes on the foot!

Presser Foot Guide

Well, the presser foot is one of the finest advantages for you to sew efficiently. You can stitch at any range from the line when using the presser foot’s instruction. Both the under-stitch and the top-stitch can be put where you need them to appear. Once more, when sewing, you must keep your eyes fixed on a guideline on the machine or the foot.

How to Change Needle Position on a Janome Sewing Machine?

It can be used with any stitching, even if the width is not the right one for the cloth. In short, based on how much you require, you must relocate the needle away or to the right. For the cloth you’re sewing on, you must choose the appropriate needle and thread.

Let’s discuss the major steps on how you can change the needle position on Janome’s sewing machine:


To move the needle to the right or left, you will have to push the (+) or (-) side of the stitching option key. The value that appears on the screen will also change simultaneously. When the needle moves to the left or right, it gets smaller. Here the lowest number signifies the leftmost place, while the greatest number denotes the rightmost place.


Changing the position of the needle can be challenging for many people who are new to using the sewing machine. But I have briefly explained how to change the needle position on the Janome sewing machine in detail in this article. So, before going to use your Janome sewing machine, you must go through the user manual to avoid any mistakes.

Let me know what you have learned from this article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It can be frightening if the needle is still stuck after you remove its screws. You can try striking the machine to repair it, or if you have a magnet at home, you can use that to get the needle out. Also, you will need needle position forceps to remove it if a part of the needle is beneath the casing.

The take-up lever and the needle are completely under the control of the sewing machine’s roller. Depending on the brand, the handwheel can be turned with power or manually.

It is the Take-Up Lever that moves the thread up and down. The metal lever is passed through by the top threads, which travel with the needle as it is raised and lowered.

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