Brother XR3774 Review: What Makes This Machine Quite Popular?

Brother XR3774 is a smart operating machine with impressive and easy-to-use features. The best part is that it is a user-friendly machine. If you are a beginner, it will help you learn the art of sewing with a lot of ease. If you’re already an old user, some amazing accessories with it will award you expert status soon enough.

The machine has an automated needle with a bobbin system. This smart feature, quick-set and top drop-in bobbin, reduces the frustration experienced during and before sewing by both beginning-level and more expert sewers.

As the Brother XR3774 is not a computerized machine, like some other products on the market, it is a cost-friendly option. Technically it is a good product, and its price is lower than other computerized sewing machines. It is the best option for beginners because of this. Also, It’s an excellent, user-friendly, adaptable, reasonably priced and portable sewing machine for beginners.

If you are looking for a guide to buying sewing machine, you are at the right place. This is the most comprehensive, in-depth Brother XR3774 Review.

Discover the Brother XR3774 Sewing Machine’s Aesthetic Appeal

The Brother XR3774 sewing machine is described as having a white color as the main body of the machine. The machine has a section on the right side that displays the different types of stitches available. The combination of white color and light blue with a paisley print gives the machine a clean and elegant look.

Brother XR3774 Review
Brother XR3774 Review

Features of the Brother XR3774 Review

Here, we are discussing the features of the machine.

Dimensions12.0″ Width x 5.8″ Diameter x 15.3″ Height
Weight12.3 lbs
Stitch Length and Width5 mm x 7 mm
Maximum Sewing Speed800 SPM (Stitches Per Minute)
Stitches37 stitches (1 automatic one-step buttonhole)
Sewing Feet8
UL/CSA Listed Voltage110 V
Feed dogs6 (must be covered by darning plate for free-motion quilting)
Warranty25 years limited warranty

Brother XR3774 Machine’s Manual Features

No matter how modern technology is used in a machine. The same is the case with Brother XR3774. Three dials on the machine’s top allow you to manually adjust the stitch’s pressure, length, and width. Additionally, the thread roller and bobbin are placed here.

On the right side of the machine, there are stitches placed with their numbers displayed. You can select the stitch with a dial. There is a handwheel on the far right side. 

Also, on the far right of the machine is the handwheel to manually raise and lower the needle. For the reverse function, there is a lever on the right side of the machine. On the left side of the product is a manual thread trimmer.

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Brother XR3774 Machine’s Automatic Features

A machine is a perfect gadget for beginner users. With its intriguing automatic features, this will instill the love and passion for sewing within users. The impressive features of an automatic needle threader and bobbin winding enhance the value of the machine. With these user-friendly features, it will save the time of both novice and experienced sewers.

I am not much of a fan of this feature, as it will take a bit of time to master this automated feature. But it is an innovation that captures the user’s attention.

Brother XR3774 Machine Comes With:

  • Machine Unit along with Power unit and foot presser
  • Lengthy Table (Helpful in larger operations)
  • Accessories in Pouch (including a screwdriver, a circular knitting plate, a 3-piece needle set, a double needle, four bobbins, an extra thread pin, a quilting pattern, and a set of four bobbins)
  • 8 different presser feet
  • Machine Cover for Protection
  • Operation manual of the machine and DVD with usage instruction

Which Presser Feet Are Included With the Brother XR3774 Machine?

There are a total of 8 presser feet provided with the machine. It is an impressive figure when we compare it with the cost of the machine.

Additional Accessories You May Need With the Brother XR3774 Sewing Machine

No matter how smart and up-to-date the machine you are purchasing, some accessories are still required for perfect sewing.

  1. Thread/fabric
  2. Fabric cutting scissors
  3. Embroidery scissors
  4. Pinking shears
  5. Measuring tools (Measuring Tape, Transparent Rulers, Folding Rulers, Sewing Gauge)
  6. Marking tools (Chalk, Fabric Marker, Tracing Wheel, Marking Pencil, Carbon Paper)
  7. Pins and clips
  8. Sewing needles (Hand Sewing Needles, Machine Needles, Twin Needles)
  9. Sewing box
  10. Machine cleaning accessories 
  11. Bobbin and thread helpers
  12. Sewing supplies (Zipper, Binding Tape, Ribbon Pull Thru, Snaps and Fasteners)
  13. Quilt basting spray
  14. Fray check
  15. Point turner and seam creaser
  16. Elastic and safety pins

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The accessories mentioned above are helpful in sewing. Getting all the stuff of the finest quality is recommended for a smooth sewing process. As far as Bobbins are concerned, Class 15 Bobbins are a perfect match for the Brother XR3774 machine. Brother brand bobbins are recommended due to their fine quality.

How to Start Operating the Brother XR3774 Machine?

Make sure the Brother XR3374 sewing machine is correctly setup and plugged in before using it. I have found Brother XR3774 machine a user-friendly machine. The main task in operating the machine is how you thread the needle on the machine. To thread the machine, follow these simple steps:

  • To raise the presser foot, lift the presser foot lever.
  • Turning the hand wheel in your direction will raise the needle.
  • Now, Place the thread spool on the spool pin.
  • The first thread guide is at the top of the machine; take the thread end and pass it through there.
  • After that, thread the needle’s second thread guide placed above it.
  • While turning the hand wheel toward you with your right hand, keep the thread in your left hand. By doing so, you can thread the needle through the eye.
  • The thread should now be pulled toward the presser foot and threaded through the tension discs.
  • Last but not least, thread the needle by pushing the thread through the needle’s eye, making sure to keep the thread taut.
  • Lower the presser foot, and you are ready to sew!

Note: If you are having trouble threading the machine, refer to the user manual or watch video tutorials for more detailed instructions and visual aids.

If you go through the above procedure carefully, you will have a hassle-free and great sewing experience.

Describe the Quick-Set Bobbin.

The machine comes with a smart and user-friendly quick-set bobbin feature. It means you don’t have to set up the bobbin manually with your hand. The machine does it on its own when sewing starts. This is an impressive feature that gives hassle-free sewing for the user.

The bobbins on Brother machines are jam-resistant, which is perfect for beginning-level users. It is a great plus with devices from Brother.

Does this Brother XR3774 Machine Offer a Quilting Option?

The sewing machine offers the basic level quilting option. It is not recommended for hardcore quilting stuff. At its affordable price, it offers some brilliant quilting options that will make your life easy as a sewer. It also includes a quilting foot, walking foot, and quilt guide, in addition to a broad table that can be detached for a larger workspace. It could be frustrating if you frequently transition between quilting and other types of sewing jobs.

 If you plan to quilt frequently, we advise purchasing a better quilting machine or, at the very least, a quilting and sewing machine with feed dogs that drop.

Is the Brother XR3774 Machine Suitable For Embroidery?

The Brother International XR3774 sewing machine is primarily for quilting and stitching. With 37 built-in stitches, there are many different stitches to pick from. These stitches are ideal for making complex fabric designs. The device has characteristics that make it simple for novice and expert users.

It is not advised for large-scale embroidery projects. However, The machine’s limited stitch selection makes it less appropriate for intricate embroidery work. Furthermore, the machine cannot carry out digital embroidery. Although free-motion embroidery on a machine is possible, there are better choices for people who want to perform much embroidery.

The Brother SE600 is a good choice if you’re searching for a machine that can perform sewing and embroidery. It enables you to perform simultaneous sewing and embroidery tasks. It is ideal for individuals who want to do both types of tasks because it offers a large selection of built-in stitches and an embroidery feature. The Brother HC1850 is also a fantastic alternative to monogramming. (Learn more about best brother embroidery machines)

Is the Brother XR3774 Machine a Good Option For Sewing on Denim or Leather?

This machine is not suitable for sewing denim or leather. If your priority is denim or leather, you should go for the Brother ST150HDH sewing machine. It is more viable for hard and robust materials.

Brother XR3774 is not designed to sew heavy-duty fabrics. It can only work on fabric up to 6mm thick. You have to be vigilant enough about the fabric, the needle, and the effective use of the machine to have a great time with it. Knit fabric can also be used if you select the right accessories.

Is the Lighting Option With the Machine Enough For the User?

The machine has an LED light option to help those with eye vision issues. We have found this light to be fair enough for sewing. You can always add more light bulbs in your sewing area if you need more light. The best part about the machine is that you don’t have to put thread manually in the needle. So, the light issue gets out of the equation. Because putting up the thread in your needle is one of the toughest jobs for those with weak eyesight.

How is the Built-In Free Arm With Brother XR3774 Machine?

The built-in free arm is the standard option for most Brother machines. When the front accessories are removed, a free arm appears for support. For stitching tubular objects like pants or sleeves, this is handy. It will not do well if you cut the jeans’ fabric with it.

How is the Foot Pedal of Brother XR3774 Machine?

The foot pedal of Brother XR3774 operates smoothly. Most users will find it very convenient and user-friendly. With the help of this easy-going foot, you will do wonders with your sewing.

Brother CS6000i and Brother CS7000X come with more advanced options. It has an optional foot pedal. It is easy to operate by just pressing the start button, and its speed can be adjusted with a slider.

Unleash the Mobility of Your Brother International XR3774 Sewing Machine – Move it with Ease

For sewing machines, portability is one factor that gets lots of weightage. Being a sewer, there always comes situations when you have to move your machine. Brother XR2774 is a lightweight machine, and it can be easily portable. The protective casing that comes with the machine is soft. It is recommended to use a hard case to transport the machine. It will ensure better protection for the machine.

What is Being Covered in the 25-year warranty with Brother XR3774?

Brother XR3774 comes with a 1/2/25 years warranty. It means that only the machine’s body is covered for 25 years. The warranty is valid for only 1 or 2 years for other parts. You need to keep the original receipt with you to claim the warranty. The warranty is invalid and cannot be used if the original receipt is not present.

Reason to Consider

Affordable Price: If you compare the cost of the machine with the number of skilled features it provides, it will result in the machine being quite a price friendly. There are enough presser feet and stitches to complete the most difficult sewing tasks.

User Friendly: It is a user-friendly machine. Beginners will enjoy their time with the machine and learn the art of sewing. Though, there are plenty of features to support expert sewers also.

Advanced Features: There are a lot of automated and advanced features to provide a great sewing experience. Automatic needle threading and bobbin winding are some of the innovative features that will greatly help all sewers using this awesome machine.

Reason to Avoid

Feed Dogs issue: You cannot drop the feed dogs. This makes quilting a difficult task.

Bobbin Problem: It is jam-resistant, but the bobbin can still be tricky.

Needle Threader: At times you will find the needle threader difficult to place. Then you will recall the manual threading option in this situation.


Overall the machine is a great addition to Brother’s range of sewing machines. It is a lightweight, portable machine with a lot of impressive features. It will be quite helpful for beginners. The automated features of Needle Threader, Bobbin Winding, and a variety of presser feet will greatly support users who have just started sewing recently. It will help them in learning and master the art of sewing. It is also useful for quilting. You can do your quilting job effectively and efficiently. But if you are a regular quilter, you should look for other options.

This machine is good option for sewers. It is highly recommended from our side. Remember to go through the user manual before setting up.

That’s all we have for today. Promising to bring you another exciting product review very soon!

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